Prague Med. Rep. 2018, 119, 43-51

Chronological Age as Factor Influencing the Dental Implant Osseointegration in the Jaw Bone

Jakub Papež1, Taťjana Dostálová1, Karel Chleborád1, Pavel Kříž1, Jakub Strnad2

1Department of Stomatology, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic
2LASAK, Prague, Czech Republic

Received October 19, 2017
Accepted March 19, 2018

The objectives of this study were to evaluate osseointegration of dental implant in the jaw bone in the young and elderly population and comparing the results to assess indicators and risk factors as age for the success or failure of dental implants. A retrospective study of 107 implants (Impladent, LASAK, Czech Republic) was prepared. The patients at implants surgery were divided in three groups. The patients were followed-up for a 7-year period. We evaluated osseointegration from long term point of view as a change of marginal bone levels close to dental implant. Marginal bone levels were recorded and analysed with regard to different patient- and implant-related factors. An influence of chronological age on change of marginal bone levels during 6-year retrospective study vas evaluated. The study examined 47 patient charts and 107 implants from the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and University Hospital Motol. We proved that young healthy patients with long bridges or Branemarks have the same progression of marginal bone levels changes. The chronological age hasn’t therefore direct influence on the osseointegration from long term point of view. But we found that the length of dental suprastrucure-prosthetic construction negatively influences marginal bone changes, though these results weren’t statistically significant. More extensive dental implant suprastrucure undergoes smaller osseointegration. On the other hand the length of dental suprastrucure (prosthetic construction) negatively influences dental osseointegration in both groups of patient.


This study was supported by project 00064203 (FN MOTOL).


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