Prague Med. Rep. 2021, 122, 80-95

Comparison of the Chemiluminescence Immunoassay LIAISON® with the Radioimmunoassay for Aldosterone and Renin Measurement

Jana Uhrová, Hana Benáková, Zdislava Vaníčková, Tomáš Zima

Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Received November 19, 2020
Accepted May 17, 2021

Determination of renin plasma levels is useful in the diagnosis of hypertension and in the therapeutic follow-up of hypertensive patients. Plasmatic concentration of renin decreases in patients with hypertension due to a primary hyperaldosteronism, contrary to renovascular hypertension where concentrations of renin and aldosterone are both elevated. Blood samples (serum, EDTA plasma) were analysed using two different chemiluminiscent methods CLIA LIAISON® and radioimmunoassay for aldosterone (IMMUNOTECH Beckman Coulter) and renin (Cisbio Bioassay) measurements were compared. We used both methods to ascertain the correlation between serum vs. EDTA plasma levels of aldosterone (RIA, CLIA) and renin (IRMA, CLIA) and to compare aldosterone to renin ratios for CLIA and for radioimmunoassay: serum aldosterone to plasma renin and plasma aldosterone to plasma renin. We compared serum aldosterone CLIA vs. RIA (rP=0.933, P<0.001) and plasma renin determined using CLIA vs. IRMA (rP=0.965, P=0.062). Furthermore, we used both methods to establish the correlation between the serum vs. plasma levels of aldosterone: RIA (rP=0.980, P<0.001); CLIA (rP=0.994, P=0.353) and serum vs. plasma levels of renin: IRMA (rP=0.948, P<0.001); CLIA (rP=0.921, P=0.011). Aldosterone (serum, plasma) to plasmatic renin ratios for CLIA (rP=0.999, P=0.286) and for radioimmunoassay (rP=0.992, P=0.025). Our data demonstrate that renin and aldosterone concentrations obtained using CLIA correlate with renin and aldosterone concentrations using radioimmunoassay methods. Correlation coefficients of pair results ranged from 0.921 to 0.994. Aldosterone (serum, EDTA plasma) to plasmatic renin ratios are comparable and any of them can be used with no significant differences found.


This study was supported by Research Project of General University Hospital RVO-VFN64165.


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