Prague Med. Rep. 2022, 123, 188-192

A New Mystery: Phantosmia after COVID-19 Infection

Banu Atalay Erdogan1, Anas Eldahshan2

1Department of Ear Nose Throat, Istinye University, VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
2Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom

Received April 14, 2022
Accepted August 2, 2022

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has developed as a pandemic and has caused millions of deaths worldwide. Multiple studies have implicated anosmia and ageusia as symptoms associated with COVID-19. In this case report we present the cases who suffer from phantosmia after COVID-19 infection. As the prevalence of the virus increases, the symptomatology profile continues to be updated. More studies are needed to better understand this disease.


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