Prague Med. Rep. 2013, 114, 39-42

Metastasis-induced Pancreatitis: Case Report

Edmund Leung*, A. Prasher, J. Francombe, A. Brocklebank, H. Joy

Department of Surgery, Birmingham City Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom

This report aims to highlight the importance of malignancy exclusion in the absence of common aetiology in acute pancreatitis.  An 83-year-old woman presented acutely with pancreatitis. There had been no history suggestive of gallstones disease and she rarely consumed alcohol. Subsequent ultrasound scan revealed no gallstones but multiple liver metastatic lesions. Further carcinomatosis involving the pancreas, right ovary, pelvic lymphatics and nodular disease of the lungs was demonstrated on computed tomography. Immuno-histochemistry of liver biopsy showed positivity for markers suggestive of metastasis arising from lung small cell carcinoma. The case was discussed at the lung multidisciplinary meeting and the patient was referred for community palliative care. Early diagnosis of metastasis induced pancreatitis allows immediate institution of palliative care, if not suitable for aggressive pharmaco-surgical intervention.


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